Bridging the Index Fund Gap

INDEX+ is an investment product with a proven track record that is 90% likely to do better than the market over any 5 year period and 99% likely to do better than the market in recessions and crises.

Traditional index fund investing involves a mindset of choosing between being out of the market (safety) and in the market (growth). INDEX+ bridges that gap by allowing investors to own both safe assets and growth assets with the same dollar.

Both individual and institutional investors are concerned about the global economy. INDEX+ is an ideal financial product for hedging against stock market volatility.

It is an Automated Investment Service, otherwise known as a Robo-advisor, which builds, monitors, and rebalances your portfolio. It uses leverage, S&P500 Futures, and US Treasury Bond Futures.


INDEX+ offers a SINGLE INVESTMENT SOLUTION to combine low-cost leverage with self-hedging financial assets.

INDEX+ uses a system called ProLeverage to double your investment power to reinforce your investments.

ProLeverage is a unique product that hedges against risk while giving your investments some protection during down markets and crisis times.

ProLeverage takes $1M in investments and leverages this at a cost close to the US Fed Rate (0.25%) to provide $2M in investment power.

We are smart about how we use leverage. Leverage can amplify losses as well as gains.

INDEX+ allocates investments automatically, daily, across the S&P500 and US Treasury Bond Futures. It balances this leveraged allocation to hedge against a crisis.

Counter correlated investments. During a crisis, historically, the US Treasury Bond Futures market moves UP when the US Stock Market moves DOWN. During non-volatile market conditions, both the stock market and bond futures market have moved in tandem over the long-term and grow in value.

The best part, INDEX+ is low fee. Financial Futures provide inexpensive leverage, with the cost near the Fed Funds rateIt lets investors put the same dollar into both safety and growth! 


INDEX+ uses proprietary algorithms, advanced machine learning, and leverage to fill in the investment gap.

Most high net worth individuals have an investment gap due to not applying leverage to multiply returns and diversify investment assets.

INDEXserves high net worth investors, family offices, and institutional investors.  It is a risk-parity strategy that is balanced utilizing the S&P500, US Treasury bonds, and leverage.

INDEXis a low-volatility portable-alpha risk parity strategy. It exclusively utilizes leveraged S&P 500 and US Treasury bond positions. This creates highly liquid investment positions that are counter-correlated in a crisis.

INDEX+ allocates leveraged investments automatically, daily, across S&P500 and US Treasury Bond Futures. The allocation is balanced to hedge against a crisis.

Adding leveraged Treasury Bonds as a counter correlated position to the S&P500 is a zero cost hedge when viewed across a long-term strategy. That is the key to INDEX+.

When stocks go down in a crisis, US Treasury Bonds, historically, have gone up. Using leverage provides a low-cost method to increase positions between the two.


The Futures Market is Liquid

INDEX+ doubles your investment power by using FUTURES to create leverage. The cost is close to the Fed Funds rate, which is currently 0.25% annually.

INDEX+ uses leverage across both the S&P500 Futures and the Us Treasury Futures markets. It can shift allocation and portfolio balance quickly. Both of these FUTURES markets are very liquid.

ProLeverage lets INDEXinvestors own both safe assets and growth assets with the same dollar. INDEX+ provides an easy and seamless investment product for both individuals and institutions.

historical return comparison

INDEX+ adjusts asset allocation and leverage to provide performance and hedge against market volatility.

*Past investment performance is not necessarily indicative of future investment performance. Futures are not appropriate for every investor. Futures involve the risk of substantial loss.

INDEX+ algorithms, advanced machine learning, and leverage take the work out of portfolio management and asset allocation during a crisis.